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Has Obesity Finally Reached Its Peak?

As national overweight and obesity percentages seem to level off, Klee Irwin and other experts call for additional methods of weight-loss support...

by Dr. Mary Jane ("MJ") Bovo, M.D. Medical Advisor, with Klee Irwin, Nutritional Formulator for Dual Action Cleanse and Dual Action Diet Cleanse, and the Health Breakthroughs Staff

America's obesity epidemic may have slowed, but much more work is needed to truly turn things around.Have Americans become as overweight as they can possibly get? That might be one logical conclusion to draw after hearing news of the government's most recent check of obesity rates. Sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed a bit of encouraging news about what some have called "a turning point in the nation's obesity epidemic" (, 2006).

But all is not as rosy at it may seem. So opines researcher Harry Balzer of The NPD Group, the New York-based market research firm that compiled the data. While the overweight and obesity percentages among women — currently at 62% and 33% respectively — have held steady for the last few years, Balzer's agency noted several disturbing trends. Unfortunately, the percentages for men and children continue to rise every year. Balzer adds that while it is encouraging that women as a group are not gaining any more weight, "the bad news is that we haven't found a way to lose weight" (, 2006). Klee Irwin has taken on this challenge and formulated Dual Action Diet Cleanse as a potential remedy for this problem.

In light of these caveats, Klee Irwin, Dr. MJ Bovo and other health experts have called for more aggressive studies on current weight-loss techniques in order to assess their effectiveness. In addition, many professionals have used the JAMA article to encourage their overweight and obese patients to do something about their weight promptly.

"As a medical doctor," says Dr. MJ Bovo, "I often inform my own patients about the potential of dietary supplements to support weight-loss, especially when they are used with a reduced-calorie eating plan and sensible exercise program." Klee Irwin concurs with this approach and counsels similarly. His Dual Action Diet Cleanse is designed to create such a holistic system for weight loss.


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Dr. MJ Bovo, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., board-certified OB/Gyn, physician, author, speaker and expert court consultant, is former Chief Resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Besides two novels and numerous medical abstracts and articles, Dr. Bovo's published works include The Family Pregnancy: A Revolutionary 12-Month Holistic & Medical Guide to Maternity and A Child Betrayed.


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